Do You Believe?  
Join The Tradition

My children grew up believing in the Valentine Moose who Magically delivered little toys and treats to them on Valentine’s Day morning. 

If they can believe, anyone can!


Valentine Moose With A Beautifully Illustrated Children’s Book

Plush Toy Details

The toy is 12.5″ standing, not including his adorable antlers. The toy was tested using CPSIA and ASTM standards so it’s safe for children of all ages.


The beautifully illustrated children’s book outlines the start of the Valentine Tradition and takes your little one on an adventure they’ll never forget. It is 20 pages long which is enough to tell the story and not too much to keep your child up too late.


Your Valentine Moose and Book comes in a beautiful box with a window in front showing the toy inside. It’s perfect for gift giving.

Ready to go on an Adventure with Valentine Moose?


What People Are Saying About Valentine Moose

“We’re so happy. I have two children and we got the Valentine Moose. Now we have to buy a second one because they fight over who is going to sleep with it. Well worth the purchase.”

Becky Carlisle

“My daughter loves this book and can’t put down the beautiful stuffie. It’s so lovely and she keeps asking me if there is a book with the fairy in it who gave the Valentine Moose his powers. Maybe #2? haha thanks so much, we love Valentine Moose.”

Joanne Lelliot